Makes Standing From A Seated Position Easier!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I use the Up N' Go Cushion? 

A. Before using your Up N' Go Cushion for the first time please refer to the included instruction manual or download here.  

Q. How does the Up N' Go Cushion work?

A. Up N' Go Cushion's Lift Gauge Setting compresses as you sit (NOTE: If it doesn't lower easily when you sit, re-adjust the Lift Gauge Setting).  To get up, simply lean forward and push off with your arms and legs.  Up N' Go Cushion's Lift Gauge Setting decompresses giving you the lift you need! 

Q. Will Up N' Go Cushion replace my lift chair? 

A. No, Up N' Go Cushion is intented for individuals needing assistance as they stand up but still require the user to initiate this movement.  Please be advised Up N' Go Cushion cannot solely lift the individual from a seated position.

Q. Who is the Up N' Go Cushion designed for? 

A. Up N' Go Cushion is for anyone that with or without a walking aid can walk freely on their own.  Once standing you should be able to move safely around the house.  

Q. What are the dimensions and weight? 

A. Up N' Go cushion is 18 inches long by 16 inches wide by 3.5 inches high.  It weights approximately 7lbs.

Q. Is there a weight limit?

A.  Up N' Go Cushion is designed to assist individuals up to 300lbs.

Q. Where does the Up N' Go Cushion ship from? 

A. We are a US based company.  All Up N' Go Cushions ship from our warehouse in Edgerton, Kansas.

Q. How long will it take to receive the Up N' Go Cushion?

A. You should receive your order within 4-6 days of placing an order depending on your location.

Q. Can the Up N' Go Cushion be used on soft seating surfaces (i.e. sofa, recliners...etc.)

A. Yes, the Up N' Go Cushion can be used on most recliners, sofas, arm chairs and more.

Q. Can I use my Up N' Go Cushion in the car?

A. Passengers may benefit from using the Up N' Go Cushion in the car.  However, this item does not swivel.  Please be cautious when using to get up from a vehicle.  Drivers of a vehicle should NOT use the Up N' Go Cushion.

Q. Is the cover machine washable? 

A. Yes, the water resistant cover is machine washable.  Please refer to the instructions for more details.